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The Cambridge University French Society is a registered society at the Cambridge University Students' Union,
and is proudly sponsored by the French Embassy in London. Website: Fehmi Ben Abdesslem.
© Cambridge University French Society, 2011-2017.

Leo Paillard President president @ frenchsoc.fr
Simon Percelay Vice-President
Lucas Lin Kwun Tong Secretary secretary @ frenchsoc.fr
Victor Bessis Treasurer treasurer @ frenchsoc.fr
Borane Gille Gacha Social Events events @ frenchsoc.fr
Samuel Fitoussi Speakers speakers @ frenchsoc.fr
Marine Schimel Publicity

The Cambridge University French Society


1. Name
The name of the society shall be "La Société Française de Cambridge", hereafter referred to as "the Society".

2. Objects
(1) The Society's aim shall be to promote the French language and culture within the University.
(2) In pursuance of its aims the Society shall organise cultural, educational, social and recreational events among its members and the university community; providing support to the French speaking community so as to help new students integrate to the university; being an important source of advice and information for all those interested.

3. Membership
(1) Membership of the Society shall be open to all members of the University, undergraduates, graduates or fellows. The Society will also strive to hold events open to all, including non-members, in order to include any University members interested in discovering French or Francophone culture.
(2) Membership to the Society need not be charged. However, the Executive Committee retain the power to impose membership fees, if deemed necessary for the benefit of the Society and its Members. Membership fees may be increased in the future however no increase can be imposed retrospectively on Members that have already been charged for Membership.
(3) The Executive Committee may chose to extend the priviledges of Life Membership and Honorary Membership at their discretion.
(4) The Executive Committee may expel any member whose conduct seems likely to bring the Society into disrepute. Such expulsion will require unanimous vote by the Executive Committee and must be justified in writing. In case of expulsion, the disreputable member with the support of 12 current members has a right to contest the decision: it will be the Executive Committee's duty to reconsider the expulsion. The Executive Committee may elect to submit the matter to a general vote by Members.

4. College Sub-Societies
The Society reserves the right to affiliates itself with French speaking college societies in order to facilitate both its own expansion and the organisation of events. The Society will not, however, be held responsible for the actions, the decisions or the behaviours of members of these College Sub-Societies.

5. The Executive Committee
(1) The day-to-day management of the Society's affairs shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee. Members of the Executive Committee must be elected to their position by gaining a majority vote in the Society elections.
(2) A Member of the Executive Committee may be removed from their post if their conduct seems likely to bring the Society into disrepute or for non-performance of functions. Such a motion of dismissal must be introduced by a majority of the Executive Committee after which any expulsion will require majority-vote by Members.
(3) The Executive Committee shall consist of a President; Vice-President; Secretary; Junior Treasurer; Sponsorship Officer; Social Events Officer; Speakers Officer and a Publicity & Communications Officer who shall be elected by the members as in 7(3). In addition, there shall be a Senior Treasurer, who shall be a member of the Senate or other person approved by the Junior Proctor. The Senior Treasurer shall be appointed by the elected members of the Executive Committee and shall be ex officio a member of the Executive Committee. If the need arises, new positions on the Executive Committee may be created with either unanimous Committee-support or a majority-support by our Members.
(4) The members of the Society shall aim to elect an Executive Committee representative of the diversity of the University of Cambridge, i.e. including members of different colleges and different years. Members of the Executive Committee shall be full-time undergraduate or postgraduates students of the University of Cambridge and must be members of the Society. A majority of the Executive Committee must be fluent in both written and spoken French so as to be able to adequately promote the French language.
(5) No committee member shall hold more than one post at a time with the exception of the Junior Treasurer who may assume the duties of the Sponsorship Officer.
(6) Office shall be held from May 1st to April 30st of each academic year. Members of the Executive Duty are expected to remain involved during the term following elections in order to facilitate the Committee turn over.

6. Management and Job Descriptions
(1) The PRESIDENT will be responsible for the running and organisation of the Society. S/he shall be entitled to represent the Society at all time in matters affecting its interests. S/he shall be entitled to take the chair at all meetings of the Society at which s/he is present. S/he will also have the financial responsibility and be held accountable by both the Society and the Union for the control of the budget and, with the Treasurer, be responsible for ensuring the Society complies with the Student's Union financial regulations and procedures.
(2) The VICE PRESIDENT shall be entitled to represent the Society and take chair at all the meetings at which the President is not present. S/he will be responsible for assisting the President and will fulfil a general facilitation role between Committee Members, assisting where s/he is needed. Whilst the President's focus might be more external, the Vice President's duties will focus on the smooth internal functioning of the Committee. S/he will play an active role in Membership recruitment and in managing volunteer help at events.
(3) The SECRETARY shall be responsible for keeping the Society's records and stocks in good order. The Secretary will be required to attend all committee meetings for which they will produce official minutes. S/he will also be responsible for updating the membership and alumni lists. S/he will also be in charge of answering general queries or emails.
(4) The JUNIOR TREASURER shall be responsible for all the Society's finances. S/he shall be in charge of overseeing the budgetary control of the Society and be accountable to both the Society and the Union. S/he shall be responsible for the Society's petty cash. S/he shall prepare estimates of expenditures under the general direction of the Committee at such times as shall be required by the Union VP Finance & Services.
(5) The SPONSORSHIP OFFICER shall be responsible for raising sponsorship funds for the society as a whole or for specific events and will be responsible for obtaining local business discounts for members. S/he shall also be in charge of sponsor publicity both on and off the web.
(6) The SOCIAL EVENTS OFFICER shall be responsible for specific activities and events organised by the society, and will be responsible for organising a programme of social events for their term which may include conversation groups, formals, dance classes, book clubs, cinema and theatre events, garden parties, balls, nights out and wine or cheese tastings. The Social events officer will be in charge of finding and co-ordinating any help required for events and will be responsible for their preparation, and running.
(7) The SPEAKERS EVENT OFFICER shall be responsible for specific activities and events organised by the society, and will be responsible for organising a programme of events for their term which may include conversation groups, conferences, debates, guest speakers and career events. The Social events officer will be in charge of finding and co-ordinating any help required for events and will be responsible for their preparation and running.
(8) The PUBLICITY & COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER shall be responsible for managing the Society's online presence and publicising all events. S/he will be responsible for all newsletter and mailing systems set up and s/he will be in charge of designing leaflets and posters for events.

7. General Meetings
(1) The Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting during each academic year. This Annual General Meeting shall be held in Cambridge at the end of Lent term. All members shall be entitled to attend and vote at any General Meeting. At least ten days notice shall be given to members before the Annual General Meeting.
(2) The Annual General Meeting will elect the Executive Committee for the year ahead, approve the Society's Accounts for the preceding year and conduct such other business as is necessary.
(3) Motions or candidacies for office shall be brought forward at least one week before the Annual General Meeting. Voting may be by show of hand. The absolute majority shall be required for a motion to be carried through or for a candidate to be elected. If no such majority can be established in the first round of votes, a second round of vote shall take place for which will be eligible only the two motions or candidates who collected the most votes in the first round.
(4) In the event that no person is voted in to a post or of a resignation, the Chairman will undertake the duties until such time as the post is filled. Should one of the Executive Committee posts be unoccupied, by-elections may be run outside of the AGM.
(5) Alternatively, Members of the Executive Committee may be elected online at a time coinciding with a General Meeting. A majority vote is required for a candidate to be elected.

8. Financial Matters
(1) In the event that the Society gets sponsored, it shall maintain a banking account with a suitable bank or building society to hold the Society's funds.
(2) It shall be the responsibility of the Junior Treasurer to ensure that monies received are properly accounted for and that the Society's financial records are kept clear and in good order.
(3) The Senior Treasurer shall make arrangements for the Society's account to be properly audited either by herself or himself, or by some other person approved under University Ordinance.
(4) The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any financial debt or any obligation of the Society unless he or she has personally authorised such a debt in writing.

9. Dissolution
(1) The Society may be dissolved at a General Meeting provided that at least twenty days of the intention to dissolve the Society has been given to members. At least two-thirds of those present and voting at the General Meeting must vote in favour of the motion for the Dissolution to be effective.
(2) Any motion for the Dissolution of the Society shall provide that assets remaining after all liabilities have been met shall be transferred either to another Registered University Society or to the Society's Syndicate.

10. Constitution
The Constitution shall be binding on the Society's officer and members from the 1st of April 2011. After proposal from the Executive Committee, the Constitution can be altered by consent of two-thirds majority of the members voting at a General Meeting.

This Constitution has been approved in accordance with 10, above, and accepted as the Constitution for "La Société Française de Cambridge", signed,

Society's President            Junior Proctor

About the Cambridge University French Society

The Cambridge University French Society aims to promote and encourage all aspects of French language and culture in Cambridge and beyond. The society provides events and services for Francophiles and Francophones alike.

With the support of the French Embassy in London, the French Society offers many opportunities to practice your French and meet other Francophones in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We organise a variety of events and activities including cheese & wine events, formal dinners, wine tastings, cinema outings, dance classes, conversation groups and pub nights. We also host debates, career talks and receive guest speakers. Eventually we would like to see the society expand and have volunteers organising theatre productions or debates in french. Although we are a very young society we have a large and enthusiastic membership and all the events held have been extremely popular and successful.

How to become a member:
Membership can be bought at any of our events: it's only £7/year or £14/life - you'll get your money's worth considering you'll be charged less for tickets to our events than non-members, plus you'll get exclusive access to some of our most popular events. Membership also entitles you to vote for your society committee and is mostly a way of contributing to the society: we are only a college society after all and welcome any help and support we can get. We are striving to keep events free or at minimum costs therefore every contribution helps!

How to join our mailing list:
Follow this link and enter your email address in the subscribe section.

How to get involved:
Want to help and volunteer at an event? Please contact vice-president @ frenchsoc.fr
Want to organise your own event with our support? Please contact president @ frenchsoc.fr
If you have any other queries, please contact: secretary @ frenchsoc.fr